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PDP and HomeCourt team up!

PDP and HomeCourt team up!

PDP Basketball Academy, a World-class Basketball individual skills training organization has teamed up with HomeCourt, a revolutionary AI-powered basketball training app. PDPs vision since it was founded in 2002 has been to develop their players to excel at core basketball skills, e.g., ball-handling, footwork and shooting through time in the gym and repetition, as well as to be able to perform the most advanced skills in the game. PDP continually evolves its training methods and incorporates new strategic individual skills. Now, forming a partnership with HomeCourt, PDP will again be leading the newest training methods leveraging advanced technology. PDP piloted the HomeCourt app in skills sessions for a month’s time and have come to realize the value HomeCourt will have to develop their players’ abilities.

HomeCourt, an application launched just last summer, has become the gold standard for the next generation of basketball training. Nex Team—HomeCourt’s developers—just secured a partnership to make HomeCourt the official training application of the NBA. After finishing their Series A funding with over 8.5 million dollars in investments coming from top tier NBA and WNBA Stars like Steve Nash, Bradley Beal, Al Horford, Jeremy Lin, and Sue Bird, HomeCourt will become an integral part of the talent discovery and development programs of the NBA, across the world.

HomeCourt’s motto is “Unlocking Potential in Every Player”, and they certainly live up to it. The versatility that the app provides allows it to be utilized across all skill levels and age ranges. For serious basketball players, HomeCourt’s unmatched Shot Science technology can track every basketball shot with film breakdown, and detailed analytics. Metrics like release angle, release time, and vertical jump are provided just using an iPhone or iPad, no sensors needed. In addition, the app offers a plethora of drills led by 2x NBA MVP, Steve Nash, and NBA Three Point Champion, Joe Harris. For basketball players who are just getting started, HomeCourt offers agility and ball handling drills that are engaging and teach the fundamentals that ultimately make players great.

As​ Na​sh, says, “HomeCourt brings advanced training insights to players who want to improve their game, anytime, anywhere.”